Paris on film and music / by Michiel Fokkema

I finally managed to send my backlog of 20 films to the superb Carmencita lab to get developed and scanned. I used to do that myself but am so busy nowadays that sending it to a lab is very convenient.

Apart from digital with the Fuji X30 I also shot quit some film in the few days we were in Paris in October. I brought my trusty Leica M7 with 21, 35 and 75 lenses. The film I used was Ilford HP5+, my standard film now which can be used from ISO200 to ISO1600 depending on the light available or the contrast I want.

We were having a great breakfast at one of the best bakeries in Paris Coquelicot on Place des Abbesses. We were lucky because there was a brocante market that Saturday and we love those. But then some musicians came along and made preparations for a concert. They turned out to be Les Lapins Supertars. They basicly are a fanfare but with way more skills and originality then most common fanfares. They play with so much energy and joy that it makes everybody happy.