Abandoned house in Antwerp / by Michiel Fokkema

As you probably noticed by now my favourite city is Paris. Although it is rather close it still is too far away to go for just a day. A very good replacement is Antwerp. It's just less then an hour drive and the I can experience almost the same atmosphere as in Paris. The people, and the scenery are great as is the food.

This time I was walking on a Sunday to visit the famous "Vogelenmarkt" (birds market) to do some street photography when my eye fell on an abandoned house. Well, it used to be abandoned and now they were cleaning it up. The gate was open so I went in. As a mater of fact Im also very interested in urbex photography as long as I don't  have to climb fences.

It looked like there used to by a paper/print store with housing on top of it. The rooms had been occupied by squatters leaving the usual garbage behind. 

A place like cries cries out for some analogue photography. I had my Leica M7 with me with a 35mm lens and used Ilford HP5+ which this time was developed and scanned by the splendid Carmencita film lab.