Paris Autumn 2014 / by Michiel Fokkema

I love Paris!! 

I try to go there to make photographs twice a year, in the autumn/winter and in spring. I avoid the summers because it can be hot and dusty then. This year I went in October, rather early but I wanted to combine the trip to visit a trade fair. Good thing was that the weather was gorgeous. Nice temperature, blue skies, clouds and still perfect to sit outside.

I know gear isn't important but I do love gear so here we go. I brought my trustworhty Leica M7 with 21,35 and 75mm Lenses. Shot HP5+ and the results will be in another blog when I get the scans back from Carmencita. Normally I'd bring my Fuji XE-2 too but this time I opted for the few days before acquired Fuji X30. I've handled my wife's X10 in the summer holiday and was pleasantly surprised by the image quality and the handling. I wanted a small good quality camera already for quiet some time and the X30 with its electronic viewfinder fits the bill. I did think about the Sony RX100 mark 3 and the Panasonic LX100 too but am so used to the Fuji user interface that I did go for the X30 despite its smaller sensor. And yes, the X30 handles like a small XE-2. Even a bit better because it has the dedicated viewfinder selection button which the XE-2 lacks. Image quality is good enough for me up to ISO 1600. With the fast lens and the image stabilisation I didn't have to go higher in ISO then 1600 very often. I shot RAW and JPG side by side because Adobe could not read the RAW files yet.. Now with the Adobe DNG 8.7 RC converter I converted the RAWs to DNGs and can edit them in Lightroom. As said image quality is there, sharpness can be very good, not too much noise at higher ISOs, white balance is always spot on like we're used form Fuji, colours look great. What else can I wish for?

Catacombes of Paris

First time in al those years that I visited the catacombes of Paris. 

At the Winogrand exhibition in Paris

At the Garry Winogrand exhibition in Paris. Winogrand is my hero. I like his style and I like his philosophy on photography. One third of the exhibition consisted of photographs which have not been published before. Some of them not even seen by Winogrand himself!

Friendly conversation in PAris

I had dinner at the Marché des Enfants Rouges which is the oldest covered market in Paris dating back to 1600. Conversation is lively and friendly.

Montmartre cemetery

I love the Parisian cemeteries. Although the Père Lachaise Cemetery is the most famous one I like the Montmartre cemetery the best. The autumn light was gorgeous and delicate.

Montmartre cemetary
Montmartre cemetary

The humble Fuji X30 handles the back light very well.

Fleamarket in Paris

I visited the flea market in the North of Paris again. It's a great place for photography.

Flea market in Paris
Flea market in Paris
Eiffel tower at sunset

The weather was nice resulting in a nice colourful sunset. I had to climb a fence to get this shot. I was not alone, I had to stand in line to get up the fence.

Canal st. Martin in Paris

More delicate light at the canal st. Martin