Returning to enjoy the light and get a different view on the Pont des arts in Paris / by Michiel Fokkema

I return to Paris at least twice a year. Why? Because Paris is always different. There is always something new around the corner what I’ve not yet discovered and photographed. But apart from discovering new places I also often go back to places where I’ve already been before. What’s the use of that? Well, the circumstances are always different. Day of time, weather, season it all affects the light and remember, light is what photography is all about.

Pont des Arts

One place I always go back to every time I’m in Paris is the Pont des Arts. There is always something going on. People are always crossing, boats are passing and since the invention of the love lock it is also the most romantic bridge in Paris. But for me the greatest thing about the Pont de Arts is the view on  Île de la Cité. One of the two islands in the Seine and the heart of Paris. Especially around Sunset when the artificial lights gets turned on, aka blue hour, the view is breathtaking. Every time I go there I take a few photographs and they always turn out different.

Hunting for a photo

Do you that feeling? You have that photo in your mind and just waiting for the right time to make it. The photo I had in mind for years was the sunrise behind the  Île de la Cité shot from the Pont des Arts. Unfortunate this only happens in the winter and for the last 10 years I was in Paris in the winter the weather was never good enough. But one day last winter I was lucky and was able to make the picture that’s visualised in my mind already for so many years.

Ile de la cite at sunrise from the pont des arts